Expending Your Comfort Zone

Video #2 was such as success! I got a lot of feedback from the women in my community.

Today I am ready to share with you a strategy I use and teach my clients to expand their comfort zone and actually get things done!

See, over the year of working with people, it became so clear to me that people ONLY do what is comfortable for them – period! Well, they actually sometimes try but what happens is this…it is so uncomfortable that they end up quitting before they get the results.

So, I decided to dedicate part of my work to help people get out of what is familiar and expand their comfort zone. Watch today’s video to learn how to take the first step.

Dedicated to amplifying your business success!

Simone Mitjans
Marketing & Mindset Mentor
Creator of The YBE2 System (Your Business Energy Squared)

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