Have You Ever Felt Like You’ve Been Spinning Your Wheels, Trying To Be (More) Successful, And Working Harder Than Ever? BUT…Not Seeing the Success You Want, Not Making the Difference You Want and Simply   Not Getting Ahead? It’s About Time to Master Your Success And Turn This Around Now!You are not alone…Women business owners across the world have done everything in their power to be successful and happy for decades- trying to create some balance out of a chaotic life. These women have spent a great deal of money and time looking for the answers to achieving their goals… attending workshops, seminars, coaching sessions… but coming away with nothing but unrealistic strategies that seem uniform to all. The excitement that is felt upon the completion of a seminar fizzles away once they are back in their world. The strategy they are given for achieving results is unnatural and unsustainable.But I am here to tell you that achieving great success IS attainable when you get the right guidance, tools and strategies to support you in moving forward with confidence.  Success is your birth right. The way to go about it is to create the kind of success that is in alignment with your soul.


From the desk of Simone Mitjans

Hello Dear Women Entrepreneurs,

My name is Simone Mitjans, and I am extending a special invitation to you to join us at this phenomenal, life-changing retreat. Learn empowering practical and energetic tools with other women entrepreneurs to create success and a balanced life.  You will walk away from this retreat with a renewed sense of direction, a deeper understanding of your gifts, what drives you, your strengths, your wisdom and vulnerabilities to ensure you can reach your goals- professional and personal.


You might be asking yourself how this retreat is going to be different, more beneficial, than others you have attended. Well the answer is simple. Like you, I had spent thousands and thousands of dollars and days upon days attending workshops and seminars that promised me the tools to success. But the most important thing I walked away with was a bunch of words, strategies and an occasional workbook that didn’t make any sense. Almost every event I attended spoke about my “energy” and the Law of Attraction in an intangible way. But I needed something that I could hold, see, run my fingers over as a reminder and a roadmap- I got nothing. I went back to my business, leaving the information behind me and making the same mistakes. I knew I was missing something…

My turning point

My turning point was when I learned that like 35% of the population I carry the Energy Signature of a Generator with a 2/4 profile. After I started to follow my Energy Signature strategy my experience in business completely transformed. I tapped into my Energy Signature to build a business that is in alignment with my life’s purpose. My sales conversation and conversion is consistently growing. I manifest what I want with ease and grace. This has been the secret for my productivity and get more things done in less time. It gave me the confidence to express myself, understand others and communicate authentically. What I’ve also noticed is that I usually have a sense of being in the right place, at the right time with the right people. I’ve always been familiar with synchronicity. It had been evident throughout my life in all the “coincidences” and mystical experiences I’ve been through. But now it has taken me to a whole other level to attracting the right people, situations and circumstances. It has also given me the courage and permission to stop living  my life and making decisions according to other people’s “rules for success” and start not only listening but also trusting my intuition. Now I make and live by my own “rules.”

The difference with this retreat is that you will have a tangible,
measurable tool that will keep you on the path to your success.

My secret weapon is to help passionate women just like you to
Tap Into Their Energy Signature based in the Human
Design System that is specific to them.

I am not only teaching what has worked for me but also what will work for YOU! This tool will help you (and me) understand how you are uniquely designed to succeed. From this system you will learn and uncover why the Law of Attraction not always work for you, why affirmations are a  complete waste of time, why you are having a hard time manifesting what you want, why positive thinking can get you stuck and why you shouldn’t even bother setting intentions.

Are you shocked?

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In This Powerful Retreat You’ll Learn…

  • How to make the Law of Attraction work for you
  • How you are Uniquely Designed to manifest
  • How to activate Your Energy Signature so that you attract the right people, situations and circumstances
  • How to use Your Energy Signature Strategy to unlock the success you want
  • How to Your Energy Signature makes you magnetic to great opportunities
  • How to truly access your intuition and never struggle making a decision, ever again.
  • How to access peaceful abundance consistently
  • and much more…

 Sacred Success Circle

The Sacred Success Circle will help you to discover which aspects of meaningful success your business is missing the most. The Sacred Success Circle has 8 sections. Look at each section and place a dot on the line marking how satisfied you are with each area. A dot placed at the center of the circle, or close to the middle, indicates stagnation, while a dot placed on the periphery indicates ultimate success. When you have placed a dot on each of the lines, connect the dots to see your sacred success circle. You will have a clear visual of any imbalances in your business, and a starting point for determining where you may wish to spend more time and energy to create balance.

I am selecting a small group of business women to join me for a marvelous week-long, transformational retreat in South Brazil.


This is The Right Retreat for You if…

  • You are motivated to do whatever it takes (in integrity) to create the business you desire
  • You are pro-active in taking action
  • You are committed to your fulfillment
  • You are open-minded about change
  • You are able to keep your agreements to yourself and others
  • You are trusting of the process of life
  • You are able to take responsibility for your own successes and challenges
  • You are willing to be at cause (instead of effect in your business)
  • You are READY to make an investment in yourself


If you consider yourself to be the woman described above,
please contact me immediately for an interview.

The interview will allow us to determine if this retreat is in
line with your goals and desires for success.

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The Retreat…

Dates: Friday, April 26, 2013 through Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Location: Florianopolis, (South) Brazil

Workshops: daily (Fri-Tues) 9am-1pm

Why Brazil?

Brazil has been known for being a destination for transformation. For the past few years the energy of abundance has been powerfully activated there.  Their current president is a woman; they will be hosting the Olympics, the World Cup and so much more. Florianopolis, Brazil (aka. “Floripa”) is a paradise on Earth. This is also a very special place in my heart because that’s where I’ve spent my summer vacations growing up. This is a place I know well! The location is grossly different from the big cities of Brazil such as Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo. Newsweek included Florianopolis on their “Ten Most Dynamic Cities in the World” list in 2006, and it’s only become lovelier in the time since. This location is the ideal destination due to its divine scenery, majestic atmosphere, and immense safety. You will have the ability to spend your free time on the pristine beaches, participating in watersports, hiking through lush mountains, or relaxing in world-class spas.

For more information about “Floripa” you can follow this link: [insert link here]


Workshop Itinerary:

  • Friday: Activate Your Unique Energy Signature
  • Saturday: Energy Signature & Intuition
  • Sunday: Energy Signature & Mindset Energy
  • Monday: Energy Signature & Success
  • Tuesday: Energy Signature in Business

Each day, we will meet in the morning, and therefore your afternoons and evening are yours to enjoy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Traveling to Florianopolis, Brazil will require you to have a valid Passport and Visa. Obtaining a Visa will take (on average) one week.


Don’t Waste Another Minute Trying To
Figure Out WhyYou’re Not Succeeding!

Contact me today at 1-800-263-4811 to discuss the
possibility of joining me on this adventure of a lifetime.

This Is Your Opportunity To Be UNSTOPPABLE!


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Your investment of $1997 will include:

  • 5- 4 hour workshops (Friday through Tuesday),
  • a continental breakfast each morning,
  • Networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs
  • 1 afternoon activity (Saturday, Sunday & Monday)
  • A Luau Theme Party (Tuesday Evening)
  • all handout materials,
  • your personalized Y.E.S. (Unique Energy Signature) blueprint


And as an added FREE BONUS, the first 10 individuals that qualify and register for the retreat will receive 3- 30 minute weekly sessions of my…

“Laser Coaching Call Series”

(A $1491 Value)

** I am offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee- if by the end of the first day you are not happy with part of the retreat (information, material, accommodations, etc.) I will refund the entire price for the retreat ($1997) back you.

If you are ready to:

  • Experience the power of true success…
  • Discover your natural strengths and use them to your advantage…
  • Attract “YES” clients…
  • Obtain a harmonious balance within your life…
  • Realize your Unique Energy Signature…
  • Have a tangible road map to your business and personal success…

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Claim your “Success Pass” Now.

So Excited to meet you in person at the Retreat!

With a smile,

Simone Mitjans,

Attract Yes! Clients Marketing & Mindset Mentor

P.S. Time is of the essence… remember that in order to travel to Brazil you will need to have a valid Passport AND Visa. Obtaining a Visa can take approximately a week, so don’t delay.

P.S.S. The “Laser Coaching Call Series” Bonus is only being offered to the first 10 individuals that qualify and register for the retreat! Don’t miss out on this valuable tool for support and success!