What is Energetic Misalignment?

In the beginning of this week, I shared with you something personal, I also shared on my Facebook profile. Well, that struck a nerve.

I shared that my mom and I reconnected…I also shared how I wasn’t aware that my last than ideal relationship with my mother was affecting other relationships in my life in a negative way. It was affecting the kind of clients I was attracting and working with that was driving me crazy!

Do you need to work on all of your mom, dad or family issues before you start attracting clients, making sales and profits? Of course not, but just know that in order for you to be successful you must work on your marketing and mindset simultaneously.

I also shared that I’ve been working on a video series just for you about how mindset affects your business success more than you can probably think.

Here is video #1! It’s ONLY 02:44 (two minutes and forty-four seconds) that can change your business life.

Dedicated to amplifying your business success!

Simone Mitjans
Marketing & Mindset Mentor
Creator of The YBE2 System (Your Business Energy Squared)

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