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How to Attract Clients Who Rave & Refer
6-Week Online Program

Ready to Make a Positive Contribution, Make More Money and Enjoy More Time off?

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Listen to it First

Dear Fellow Business Owner:

Most business folks I talk to are so busy, they complain that their plate is full. As a result, they don’t have time get the proper training, learn how to market their business and get their message out. This happens because they have a hard time saying NO. I used to be one of them!

One powerful way I overcame this issue was by letting people know that I was not saying NO to them, but at that moment I needed to say YES to myself and my purpose, mission and vision.

The extra time really help me to dedicate more effort in my
marketing and mindset trainings.

In order to get my healthy & wellness coaching certification and go on a second training year called Immersion we were required to have 10 paying clients. I am glad to say that I achieved the goals. Soon after I graduated I got 10 more and then 10 more clients. However, I had a practice full of less than ideal clients (and honestly after 6 months I just wanted to give up!)

After so much blood, sweat and tears

  I realized I was making 3 major mistakes that kept ideal clients away:

  • Mistake #1: I was hanging out with the “wrong” people
  • Mistake #2: I was hanging out in the wrong place
  • Mistake #3: I was hanging out in the wrong place

This is also the reason why attracting ideal clients is hard for 99% of small business owners!

Here is how I turned my “luck” around…

First, I took my time back from “time wasters.” I invested not only this extra time but also money and effort in trainings, coaches and mentors to learn practical marketing and mindset strategies. Then I applied what I learned.

As a result, I went from making $75 to $350 an hour. I started to attract the most amazing clients with big business mission and vision. I attracted committed, grateful clients who rave and refer (in fact, all my top clients are referrals.) Best of all, I got my energy and sanity back. And now you can too.

I was inspired to put this 6-Week Online Program together for YOU.

Get ready for a huge aha-moments!

Here’s what you can expect…
If you join this thriving group NOW, over the next 6 week will cover topics such as:

• Week 1: Making Room for Ideal Clients
• Week 2: Craft Your Ideal Client Profile
• Week 3: Position Yourself as an Expert
• Week 4: Create Exclusive Packages and Offers
• Week 5: How to Get The Word Out
• Week 6: Open coaching + Q&A (Topics include: marketing coaching,
lead generation, client attraction, wealth consciousness, etc)

PLUS several downloadable documents that you MUST have in your biz
and instant access to our private FB where other like minded women are
already logging on and getting to know one another!


  • Your Unique Success Code Basic Assessment
  • 2017 6-Figure Marketing Plan
  • 1-30min Planning Session (for the first 5 people who registers ONLY!)

Imagine, you waking up in the morning motivated and excited to start your day. You drink a tall glass of water, do your meditation, and start to write in your gratitude journal. You have so much to be grateful for including the amazing clients you are now working with. They are committed and respectful. They follow through your recommendations, they invest time, money and effort in their success (because they know their own value.) They need, want and desire exactly what YOU have to offer. At the end of the day, you close your office feeling totally fulfilled by the contribution you are making. You have a meaningful business. You make great money and you have all the time off you want to enjoy your life.

This is what I want for you..

So, the easiest decision you’ll make this week is to join
us in this business and life changing program

How to Attract Clients Who Rave & Refer
6-Week Online Program

Are you ready to make a greater contribution than ever before?

Live Training Begins June 5th





  • Your Unique Success Code Basic Assessment
  • 2017 6-Figure Marketing Plan
  • 1-30min Planning Session (for the first 5 people who registers ONLY!)

(A $1,000 value)

Here is What Our Clients Have Been Able to Accomplish…

“In the first year my business grew 10,000 percent. Last year, I broke 6 Figures. I had 9 different marketing strategies implemented and NOTHING was working. Discovering The YBe² System transformed my business. I now have a business plan, fantastic clients and strategies that work for me. Clients, who value my services, pay for what I have to offer with a smile and keep coming back for more. I now have the right marketing message to connect with and convert clients.”
– Heather McManus

In School we learned…if you’re above 50% (retention rate) that’s really good; if you’re 65-70% you’re phenomenal.  We’re between 95-100%, which is unheard of.” – Dr. Nicole Rivera

Now I work 20hrs or LESS a week, make more money and have more time to do what I love.The YBe² System and strategies helped me to improve my marketing message, automate my marketing, increase the sales of my latest book, and have more time to research and write, which is at the center of my business.” – Jacob Petry

I am making more money and I have more time off. My income was stagnant even when I did my best and worked really hard. Since working with The YBe² System, sales have increased 75% even in “this economy.”  I’ve developed a strong personal brand and implemented low-cost marketing strategies that allow me to be in front of ideal clients consistently.” – Barbara Vecchiarelli, The Title Connector

“Step #9 of The YBe² System can help you in determining how to best present yourself in any work or personal situation. This information can get you the results you want effortlessly so that you can market yourself in a way that is aligned with who you truly are. Simone is very insightful and you will be pleased with her work. As a coach myself, I recognize her skill and would highly recommend her.” – Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio

I am attracting the ideal clients, making more money and have the time I need to take care of myself and my husband. When I first came across The YBe² System I was frustrated because my business was stagnant, clients were driving me crazy, and I wasn’t charging enough. My first realization was that my marketing message was attracting clients who weren’t invested, didn’t take responsibility and didn’t want to pay much. Step #6 helped me to reposition myself in the marketplace, create new packages and prices. I could not believe this! People are buying my most expensive package, they love it and they rave about it. (honestly, I didn’t think this was ever going to happen but I followed the system step-by-step and it worked.) – Margaret Silva Santos

I added 400 new ideal prospects subscribers to my email list in 45 days. Step #2 of The YBe² System is crucial to any business success. I own a creative toy company, and I was consistently worried about my training clients. “Are they going to follow the safety procedures? Are they committed to produce a safe product? Are they going to do what it takes? “After I started to implement the system I realized that I wasn’t marketing to the kind of training clients. Once I made the shift to focusing on my YES clients, I became a lot more confident knowing I am now training the right people. As a result, my sales increased 25% in 6 months.I am planning on completing my transition from my full time job into my business shortly.” – Marion Creutzberg

Now it is YOUR turn!

Live Training Begins June 5th



We’ll see you at the training.
Here is to you attracting more ideal clients who rave & refer (let’s cheer to that!)

Simone Mitjans 😉
P.S. Have any questions? Give us a call at 732.388.0584