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“In the first year I worked with Simone, my business grew 10,000 percent. In the second year, I broke 6 Figures in revenue. Before working with Simone, I had 9 different marketing strategies implemented and NOTHING was working. Discovering her Profit Power UP System transformed my business. I now have a business plan, fantastic clients and strategies that work for me. Also, clients who value my services, pay for what I have to offer with a smile and keep coming back for more. I now have the right marketing message to connect with and convert clients.”
Heather McManus
Award winner Interior Designer, Author, Speaker

“In School, we learned…the client conversion and retention for a Chiropractic practice is between 40-60% is considered excellent. As a result of following the Profit Power-UP Marketing System our practice client conversion and retention rates are 98%, which is unheard of.”

Dr. Nicole
Chiropractor, Nutrition Expert, Author, Speaker

“Simone’s insight as a marketing strategist was helpful for me to ascertain my specific approach to connecting with potential clients. She hones in on your unique energetic signature and provides you with strategies that are unique to you so that you can be a more effective communicator. As a result of my increased awareness of how my energy works and the best communication strategy for me, I feel like I can more clearly determine if a family’s needs can be best served by my approach, or if we are not a ‘best fit’. I also can keep my unique strategy in mind when I have face to face meetings, phone conversations or write my newsletter.”
April Choulat
Autism Consultant, Speaker,

Now I work 20hrs or LESS a week, make more money and have more time to do what I love. The Profit Power-UP Marketing System and strategies helped me to improve my marketing message, automate my marketing, increase the sales of my latest book, and have more time to research and write, which is at the center of my business.”

Jacob Petry
Journalist, Author, Consultant, Speaker

I am making more money and I have more time off. My income was stagnant even when I did my best and worked really hard. Since working with The YBe² System, sales have increased 75% even in “this economy.”  I’ve developed a strong personal brand and implemented low-cost marketing strategies that allow me to be in front of ideal clients consistently.”
Barbara Vecchiarelli
The Title Connector, Speaker

I am SO glad I can spend quality time with my son while building my business and helping people. Simone has helped me create systems and implement strategies to be most impactful and effective in managing and building my business. She’s helped me focus my efforts and build my confidence. She’s helped me find my most authentic voice.”
Alexandra Garcia
Skin Care Consultant, Speaker

“I credit Simone for changing my life. Not only did she introduce me to my unique energy signature but she taught me how to run my life and my business so BOTH are thriving. I would highly recommend Simone if you are considering hiring a business coach.”
Jennifer Bronsnick
Parent Educator, Radio Host, Author, Speaker

“Step #9 of the Profit Power-UP Marketing System can help you in determining how to best present yourself in any work or personal situation. This information can get you the results you want effortlessly so that you can market yourself in a way that is aligned with who you truly are. Simone is very insightful and you will be pleased with her work. As a coach myself, I recognize her skill and would highly recommend her.”
Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio
Chiropractor, LifeCoach, Speaker 

I am attracting the ideal clients, making more money and have the time I need to take care of myself and my husband. When I first came across the Profit Power-UP Marketing System I was frustrated because my business was stagnant, clients were driving me crazy, and I wasn’t charging enough. My first realization was that my marketing message was attracting clients who weren’t invested, didn’t take responsibility and didn’t want to pay much. Step #6 helped me to reposition myself in the marketplace, create new packages and prices. I could not believe this! People are buying my most expensive package, they love it and they rave about it. (honestly, I didn’t think this was ever going to happen but I followed the system step-by-step and it worked.) – Margaret Silva Santos, Virtual Store Platform Owner, Author, Trainer, Speaker

I added 400 new ideal prospects subscribers to my email list in 45 days.
Step #2 of the Profit Power-UP Marketing System is crucial to any business success. I own a creative toy company, and I was consistently worried about my training clients. “Are they going to follow the safety procedures? Are they committed to producing a safe product? Are they going to do what it takes? “After I started to implement the system I realized that I wasn’t marketing to the kind of training clients. Once I made the shift to focusing on my YES clients, I became a lot more confident knowing I am now training the right people. As a result, my sales increased 25% in 6 months. I am planning on completing my transition from my full-time job into my business shortly.” – Marion Creutzberg, Online Business Owner, Trainer

“No Wonder the ‘Tried and True Methods’ Don’t Always Work for Me! Throughout my entire business career, I have never been one who was comfortable being the “go-getter”. It never felt “right” to me to push product on people.

Even in a retail environment, I was always more successful when customers came to me and asked me for help. What always feels good to me is to engage them in conversation and get to know who they are and what they want. In many ways, I knew this organically, but I would try to work within the structures I was being given at the time.

Gaining the understanding that my strategy based on how I‘m wired is “to show up in my business, sales and marketing in a totally different way comparing to other business owners”, this validates what has always been the most comfortable and most successful way for me to be when I’m working. This gives me the permission to accept that I am perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with me because I cannot relate to the more “traditional” models and modes of behavior.

This confirmation allows me to be who I am when it comes to marketing my business. My “Call to Action” is now in alignment with my mindset and energy and that in and of itself feels so much better to me.”  – Elaine C. Torrance-Gingrich, Life Coach

“I Learned How to Attract My Ideal Clients & Have More Fun In My Business! I would absolutely recommend Simone to all entrepreneurs who feel stuck, unable to feel fired up in their businesses or somehow held back from effortlessly releasing their marketing like wildfire. When I met Simone for years I was in a deeply-entrenched pattern of excited action to paralyzing insecurity and empowerment to fearful smallness that I accepted as a sign that there was something inherently wrong in me, that I was defective, that I was not good enough.

In the summer of 2010, Simone helped me in an inspired, caring and skilled way to reach the success blockage that my whole being was so ready to purge. I needed the healing; I didn’t know how to allow Love to flow deeply and dissolve the hurt. While I’ve been in business boot camp before, I have been touched more deeply than ever before. Now I am on fire! I know how to BE; my joie de vivre is back! I am able to access that part of me that is immortally unstoppable as I serve through my business.

Marketing copy that I was struggling to write is now flowing. Fears of putting myself out there because of possible rejection and of not trusting myself to stay interested or committed are diffused in Love. I’m more focused in planning and following through and effective in what I’m doing, which helps me save time for my family. I am standing taller and leading with my heart, engaging my whole self. Now I AM a true heart-centered entrepreneur and I’m not only ready but now able to allow and follow the path of prosperity destined for me. Please join Simone if you’re ready to feel real, fully lit up and prospering in your business. You won’t regret it.”  – Magnify Your Message with Monica McNeal, Business Coach, Speaker

“My Business Now Feels so Much More Aligned With My Life’s PurposeI was blown away with Simone’s work. It’s the most powerful thing I’ve experienced in a long time, and I’m someone who’s invested into personal development for over 15 years.

In just one session Simone explained precisely the reasons why I do the things I do in my business, what it’s like to be in my flow and the areas that I’m naturally more vulnerable and how to protect myself, so I don’t feel drained.

I now clearly see the areas that have caused me to struggle from day one. This has empowered me to move forward in my business with confidence. Simone gave me some very powerful practical tools which I’ve put into action.

My business now feels so much more aligned with my life purpose. My sales and marketing efforts which once seemed like a struggle now seem effortless, as I’m so much more in tune with how to call people into action.

I feel at peace with my style of working now and can allow myself to respond with ease, whereas before, I would experience the pressure to act and work against the grain, causing me additional stress. I now see where I’ve been creating the blockages in my business. I’m pleased to say that since making this shift I’m already seeing opportunities opening up for me.

I feel truly blessed to have this new found knowledge and would highly recommend to anyone in business. In fact, it is something I will be highly recommending to my clients, as I believe everyone should give themselves this gift.” –  Lorraine Fernandes, Sales Coach

“I Filled Both of My Workshops to Capacity! When I reached out for Simone’s help I was feeling confused, scattered and unproductive in my business. I am already pretty successful in my coaching practice but I had hit a roadblock and was finding it difficult to break through. I needed someone to help me harness all my ideas and organize them in a sensible way. I sure walked away with that and much more!

As a result of working with Simone, I have created a clear vision for moving forward and am totally confident and excited about my new direction. I filled both of my 8-week workshops to capacity with passionate women looking to ‘ignite their full potential’; my ideal clients. The clients I am attracting now are exactly who I want to work with, they are ready to live their life purpose and are committed to playing a bigger game. It all ‘showed up’ after our day together!

Simone is a perfect example of someone fully embracing their Soul’s Purpose. I feel blessed to not only watch her special gifts in action but to be on the receiving side of her open heart which so beautifully channeled the information I needed to take the next big step in my business.” – JoAnn Manzella, Coach, Speaker

“I have better response from clients and prospects…The connection with Simone made realize my patterns when dealing with prospects and clients, I can now change them to fit my natural energy signature, which feels more authentic and easy and also gives me better results.

Before our connection I was pushing myself to fit into the ‘normal’ way to do marketing, although it did not feel quite natural to me. After the session I could understand how my energy works. It was realization after realization to everything Simone was saying and I could also see what wasn’t working for me. So I felt more aware of myself and my patterns in my life and business.

Simone is very generous sharing different strategies and possible options to deal with marketing, selling, clients and business models that is unique to me. I now feel I work more in tune with my natural design not against it. Things are easier this way and I also have better responses from clients and prospects.

The golden nugget for me is the way I communicate. By changing the way I interact with people not only in writing but also in person gives me more confidence, especially when it comes to networking events.

Knowing yourself better is the best thing you can do to flow and interact in an easy and natural way, in your business and in your life in general. This system definitely helps you do this.” – Anabel Vida, Coach

DISCLAIMER: You must know, these results are NOT typical. All entrepreneurs on this page decided to Unleash their Business Profit Power No MATTER WHAT – they are the kind of people who take action, follow through, are coachable, and got outstanding results. In no way, shape, or form, are we guaranteeing that you can do the same but if you want to go for it, we’re here to help!