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"Helping Service-Providers to put their knowledge, skills, and expertise in front of the right people."

-Simone Mitjans

Business Growth & Marketing Expert

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Printable checklist: 5 Ways Service-based experts and  leaders create an endless source of ideal clients

Helping service-based experts market in the way they are designed to succeed.

I am making more money and I have more time off. My income was stagnant even when I did my best and worked really hard. Since following the Profit Power-UP Marketing System, sales have increased 75% even in “this economy.”  I’ve developed a strong personal brand and implemented low-cost marketing strategies that allow me to be in front of ideal clients consistently. As a result, my revenue keeps increasing by 25% year after year. 

Barbara Vecchiarelli

The Title Connector, Networking Coach, Speaker

In the first year, my business grew 10,000 percent. Last year, I broke 6 Figures. I had 9 different marketing strategies implemented and NOTHING was working. Discovering the Profit Power-UP Marketing System transformed my business. I now have a marketing plan, fantastic clients and strategies that work for me. Clients, who value my services, pay for what I have to offer with a smile and keep coming back for more. I now have the right marketing message to connect with and convert clients.”

Heather McManus

Interior Designer, Author, Speaker

“In School we learned…the client conversion and retention for a Chiropractic practice is between 40-60% is considered excellent. As a result of following the Profit Power-UP Marketing System our practice client conversion and retention rates are 98%, which is unheard of.”

Dr. Nicole

Chiropractor, Nutrition Expert, Author, Speaker

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