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"Helping service-based experts get the right people in front of their knowledge, skills, and expertise."

-Simone Mitjans
Marketing Strategist

Printable checklist: 5 Ways Service-based experts and  leaders create an endless source of ideal clients

Helping service-based experts market in the way they are designed to succeed.

I am making more money and I have more time off. My income was stagnant even when I did my best and worked really hard. Since following the Profit Power-UP Marketing System, sales have increased 75% even in “this economy.”  I’ve developed a strong personal brand and implemented low-cost marketing strategies that allow me to be in front of ideal clients consistently.”

Barbara Vecchiarelli

The Title Connector, Networking Coach, Speaker

In the first year, my business grew 10,000 percent. Last year, I broke 6 Figures. I had 9 different marketing strategies implemented and NOTHING was working. Discovering the Profit Power-UP Marketing System transformed my business. I now have a marketing plan, fantastic clients and strategies that work for me. Clients, who value my services, pay for what I have to offer with a smile and keep coming back for more. I now have the right marketing message to connect with and convert clients.”

Heather McManus

Interior Designer, Author, Speaker

“In School we learned…the client conversion and retention for a Chiropractic practice is between 40-60% is considered excellent. As a result of following the Profit Power-UP Marketing System our practice client conversion and retention rates are 98%, which is unheard of.”

Dr. Nicole

Chiropractor, Nutrition Expert, Author, Speaker

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Expending Your Comfort Zone

Video #2 was such as success! I got a lot of feedback from the women in my community. Today I am ready to share with you a strategy I use and teach my clients to expand their comfort zone and actually get things done! See, over the year of working with people, it...

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What is Energetic Misalignment?

In the beginning of this week, I shared with you something personal, I also shared on my Facebook profile. Well, that struck a nerve. I shared that my mom and I reconnected…I also shared how I wasn’t aware that my last than ideal relationship with my...

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