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Interview with Ginny Colarusso Owner of AMP Yoga Studio

WATCH my interview with Ginny Colarusso owner of AMP Yoga Studio In this interview you’ll learn: ✅How her childhood experiences prepared and inspired her to help others ✅How can her expertise brings a lot of answers to support people on their healing path ✅Why she was fed up with her job ✅ How she helps her clients transform their health & wellbeing…

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Watch My Interview With Debbie Zausner- Weinstein Founder of South Street Yoga & Nutrition

Watch my interview with Debbie Zausner-Weinstein from South Street Yoga & Nutrition In this interview you’ll learn: ✅What inspired Debbie to the pursuit a career in the health & Wellness field ✅How she helped her daughter overcome a debilitating health issue with nutrition ✅How she is impacting the health & wellness of her community ✅How to market your private practice…

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