Author: smitjans

3 Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Follow Referral Marketing Strategies That Makes Difference

How To Get More People In The Door, Make Your Revenue Predictable With Clients Who Rave & Refer Are you frustrated because you are only serving 15-25 patients, clients or customers a week while you could be serving over 100? Have you invested in advertising, done a mix of FB Ads, google ad words, Groupon, etc none of it really…

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8 Strategies To Maximize Your Networking Efforts

Here are 8 Strategies To Maximize Your Networking Effort That Will Lead To More Ideal Clients Coming Through The Door Consistently: Strategy #1: Ditch Negative Nancy Avoid criticizing, negative comments and complaining. Let’s be honest, there aren’t many people who like to hang out with “Negative Nancy.” What is the first thing we think when we come across someone who…

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How Often Do You Put Your Marketing Hat On?

Today, I’ll be talking about a huge mindset shift that needs to happen in order for you to grow your business consistently. For one, in all my business teachings, I always begin with attitude, before touching practical, step-by-step, top-notch strategies. I believe that working on what can get you off track first boosts your productivity. When entrepreneurs reach out to…

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