Interview with Julie Shah Natural Skin Care Therapist from Heart Soul Spa

WATCH my interview with Julie Shah Natural Skin Care Therapist owner of Heart Soul Organic

In this interview you’ll learn:
✅How a personal tragedy and wonderful life change came together to inspire her professional calling
✅How her business has been changing the lives of many women with skin care issues for the past 7 years
✅Top 3 chemicals in skin care products you must avoid at all costs
✅Why it is healthier to opt for 100% organic skin care products
✅What does she have to say to practitioners who are just starting out their practice
✅What does she have to say to practitioners who have been in practice for a while when they run up against challenges
✅Plus an array of top-notch business tips to help you grow (make sure to grab pen and paper to jot down your aha moments)


Meet Julie Shah:
As an inquisitive student, I value education, learning, & growing. I have always had the love & passion for science, math, arts, and inventing formulas from an early age. After receiving my 5-year Bachelors in Science (BS) from Northeastern University, I decided to pursue my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Regis University. Life seemed to take a predictable road for me of gradually climbing the corporate ladder, which I am profoundly grateful for and cherish.
I felt that there was more to my life than what I was living. I was lucky to get the support from my loved ones who always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. With my interest in science and skin care, I decided to change my career path from corporate world to be a licensed skin care therapist, with post-graduate certification in skin care & massage therapy, where I was certified in anatomical education, and various methods of lymphatic drainage, in order to properly treat facials and massages, with an understanding of how each part of our face, ears, hands, back, and feet are connected to our organs.

I am so excited to introduce you to Julie Shah. I know you’ll get a lot out of what she has to share.

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