How Networking Can Help Get More Clients

Did you make any cool plan for the holiday weekend? We are spending the holiday weekend at home with my husband Eddie, Melissa, my wonderful mother-in-law (I mean it!) my sisters, nephews and nice. This is the first holiday that we won’t have our father with us. Not sure if you know this but my father transitioned last month after a high-risk surgery. He is no longer with us physically but he’ll always be in our hearts.

Today, I bring you some great tips on Networking Can Help Get More Clients. I how you find it valuable, implement these strategies in your business and get more clients through the door consistently.

Are you finding it hard to build a sustainable list and get clients? When done right, online marketing is a fabulous way to get more clients. It also energizes your business success using what I call the 50/50 Rule.

The 50/50 Rule is all about creating a balance between your online and offline marketing efforts. This rule is ideal for business owners who are just starting out or are still in the process of building a solid client base. What I call the 50/50 Rule is simply an invitation to small business owners to focus 50% of their marketing efforts on online marketing, and 50% on offline marketing.

The initial 50% online efforts consist of:

  • a website or landing page
  • a free special offer (lead capture)
  • a newsletter (weekly or bi-weekly)
  • a basic social media presence on Facebook with your business fan page, twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn profile.

The other 50% of your focus is recommended to be in offline marketing efforts. One of my favorite strategies is networking because it gives a faster ROI. When I first started out, I just got out there with other fellow business owners and started to get the word out.

Networking can help you build your list, make connections with strategic alliances, and get more clients. If you prefer to be a little fancier than I was, you can get your business cards done before networking. Although, it doesn’t really matter how many business cards you give away. What matters is how many business cards you walk away with, because that will allow you to follow up later.

What is important for you to bring with you more than anything else is a great attitude. This alone will help you stand out from the crowd. I bet when I first started, I had a huge neon sign on my forehead that said: “Network Hooky Here!”

Oh! Did I mention I used to be shy? I was also afraid of speaking in public. Don’t worry, because seasoned networkers will notice you, take you by the hand, and make introductions. They know when you succeed, everyone succeeds.

Where to start:
1. Make sure you are in a good mood. Walk in with a “we” instead of a “me” mindset.
2. Create a clear intention as to who you want to meet, and what outcome will make your networking efforts worthwhile.
3. Be confident about what you do and how you can be of service to others (everything else will work itself out).

After a while, you can pretend the networking event is like going to a party – like I did. I used to pretend it was my party, and I was going to be the best host ever. I’ve been able to make great connections and long-lasting friendships as a result of networking.

You’ll also need a catchy 60 second commercial about what you do. This is your time to shine. Initially, it doesn’t matter if you are a great networker; what matters is that you are confident about what you offer.

A lot of business owners are either uncomfortable or shy about networking. You don’t have to be (spoiler alert: most people in the room also feel this way at some level). Do your best to be present, make connections that will turn into long-term friendships, strategic alliances, and more clients.

As you can see networking done correctly is a great way for you to get more clients. There are also numerous opportunities to look out for when you are networking you can’t afford to miss out on them.

Talk soon,

P.S.  There are numerous opportunities to look out for when you are networking you just can’t afford to miss out on them.

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