The Key To Your Prosperity



“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Are you working really hard but not achieving the prosperity you want? Are you consistently concerned about not having enough even though you have plenty right now? Do you feel guilty when you spend or deprive yourself because of the uncertainty of your business future?

Why Aligning Your Mindset & Actions with Your Heart’s Desire is the Key to Your Prosperity?

Ask the most successful people in the world how they achieved their millionaire statuses, impressive careers, quit their corporate jobs and put up their own businesses, or ticked off all their bucket list travel destinations.

They’ll tell you that when they have the desire to experience something fun, exciting and delicious they don’t deny themselves of the experience, on the contrary, they feed the deliciousness of it. They knew it was a matter of following through on what they said they would do with actions that matched. When at first they didn’t succeed, they didn’t lower their standards nor did they change their focus. They simply kept going.

The Prosperity Process they go through goes like this 1) they have a delicious desire to achieve more prosperity (more money in the bank, more freedom, more comfort, more fun) 2) their mindset kicks with a key question “How can I have more prosperity in my life?” 3) they start getting ideas, take inspired actions and find themselves in the right place, meeting the right people, at the right time. BINGO!

It seems simple enough. Then why aren’t more business owners also achieving the prosperity they want? Why haven’t most achieved their financial goals? And why do most who, despite their brilliant ideas, never see their plans fly off the paper and evolve into something tangible?

The answer is simple, there is a glitch in their Prosperity Process where they get stuck on step #2 and looping on step #3. The conundrum looks like this 1) you have a delicious desire to achieve more prosperity (more money in the bank, more freedom, more comfort, more fun) 2) your mindset kicks in – most times in a sneaky way – with all the excuses & reasons why you can’t 3) you get confused, overwhelmed, procrastinate or run like a chicken without head.

It’s the inability to align your mindset and actions with your heart’s desire that keep you from reaching your goals that lead to prosperity. When these don’t match, you miss out on gaining prosperity in your life. Have you ever thought one thing about yourself but then did something that completely contradicted that? Does your mindset match your heart’s desire?

You end up with chaos in your business and life when you say you believe one thing yet do something that opposed it. Your incongruence will only cause people to lose trust in you, and you’ll lose faith in yourself.

It may seem like common sense that we would naturally act the way we think and live our daily lives purely based on our beliefs. However, it’s a lot easier said than done. Often, we are held back by fear, self-doubt, and overwhelm.

Prosperity demands a purpose, belief and focus to get results. Results come from how you feel, your enthusiasm and your actions. These actions are driven by your beliefs. And your beliefs are fueled by what you know is right for you. Without all three creating harmony, nothing will transpire.

This is what sets prosperous business owners apart from the ones that are getting by. They took their mindset (thoughts and beliefs) and amplified that into committed actions. Passions turn into the purpose and became plans. And plans materialized into something they could literally hold in their hands.

To achieve prosperity, align your daily decisions, feeling, and actions. Avoid allowing fear of failure to paralyze you. Give voice to your heart’s desire (you have them for a reason), turn it into your purpose, be strategic and focus on HOW YOU CAN achieve the property you want. You’ll sure find hidden opportunities, make more money, and attract the right people to both your business and personal life.

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P.S. How are you allowing sabotage to dictate your actions by overthinking? Are you being stronger than any excuses of perfectionism for why you can’t move forward? Are you fooling yourself into believing that external elements are your enemy when your self-doubt or tendency to procrastinate is your biggest foe?


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