Watch My Recent Interview With Lyn Delmastro Thomson – Author of “You Are Not Your Diagnosis”

WATCH my recent interview with Lyn Delmastro Thomson BodyTalk Practitioner and author of “You Are Not Your Diagnosis.”

In this interview you’ll learn:

✅What inspired her help women with chronic pain and autoimmune disease
✅How to empower yourself when you are misdiagnosed
✅How as BodyTalk Practitioner she can help women suffering from chronic pain
✅What challenges she faced when she first started her business
✅A challenge seasoned private practice practitioners can run up against
✅A Simple Mindset Shift I Share with Lyn To Take Her Message To A Bigger Crowd

I am so excited to introduce you to Lyn Delmastro Thomson. I know you’ll get a lot out of what she has to share.


Lyn Delmastro Thomson helps women with chronic illness to heal their bodies & minds & thrive beyond their diagnosis.

What was your favorite part of the interview?
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