How Often Do You Put Your Marketing Hat On?

Today, I’ll be talking about a huge mindset shift that needs to happen in order for you to grow your business consistently. For one, in all my business teachings, I always begin with attitude, before touching practical, step-by-step, top-notch strategies. I believe that working on what can get you off track first boosts your productivity.

When entrepreneurs reach out to schedule a next Best Business Success call with me, because they are not getting enough clients, or not getting the kind of clients they want, or they are experiencing hit or miss results, it is obvious that they are great at what they do.

So why are they struggling? Unfortunately, most of them are not putting the marketing hat on consistently, long enough (or at all). As soon as I bring this up, most of them agree, they are relieved (that there is nothing wrong with them), they got an excellent education in their area of expertise. However, they didn’t get very diluted or no marketing training.

Most of them haven’t learned how to position themselves in the marketplace properly, in another word, they are invisible in the eyes of their ideal client. They don’t have an offer, proprietary system, don’t have a consistent social media brand image across the board, don’t have a website (or have an updated one), are not blogging, don’t have a newsletter or a follow-up system.

Do you know why they haven’t advanced in their business? It is because they insist in signing up for training after training to improve their professional skills but neglect investing in their marketing skills.

How did it all start? Many people boast of their position as an event planner, professional organizer, web designer, media training consultant, branding specialist, health counselor, or an executive coach. Yes, they say they are this and that, but essentially, here is the truth…every professional is first and foremost a marketer.

First, you’re a marketer. Any other position is secondary!

Your business growth happens as a result of you putting your marketer hat on consistently. Marketing is the #1 business generating activity that makes a difference. Does that make you feel uncomfortable? Great!

For some entrepreneurs, the word marketing can make you want to hide under the bed (or behind the computer.) I invite you to consider what does the word marketing mean to you? Pause, and really think about this as if your business health depends on it – because it does.

Getting clear about what the word marketing means to you’ll make a difference between you continuing to work at a job you don’t like, giving your services for free, undercharging, having family members asking you to go get a real job or getting highly paid to do what you love.

Like I said, first and foremost…

You’re a marketer who also coaches.
You’re a marketer who also does consult.
You’re a marketer who also provides financial advice.
You’re a marketer who also provides nutritional advice.
You’re a marketer who also provides chiropractic adjustments.
You’re a marketer who also provides interior design advice.
You’re a marketer who also provides skin care advice.

To be successful in your professional role, you have to totally embrace your marketing role. My next invitation, it is for you to see marketing as you caring enough for the people you can potentially serve that you are willing to share it (in a professional way), how you can help them – marketing is educating.

I know, a lot of marketers don’t have a good reputation. They promote solutions, services, and products that people don’t actually need. This is more the exception than the rule. I also know for sure that’s not you.

Don’t overthink, instead focus on sharing all the different ways you have helped others with your skills, have helped yourself and can help people with the same challenges, difficulties, and desires. If you catch yourself tripping about all the ways marketing is bad, stop, just stop yourself and remember this is NOT about you. It is about who you are here to serve.

Dedicated to amplifying your business success!

Simone Mitjans
Marketing & Mindset Mentor
Creator of The YBE2 System (Your Business Energy Squared)

P.P.S. Notice when you feel the urge to sign up for another training to “improve” your professional skills. And when you avoid investing time, money and effort learning how to properly market (share) what you have to offer.


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