Setting Up Systems In Your Business Can Set You Free


Today, I’ll be talking to you about systems. You most likely have a business where you have to start, generate, and run everything yourself, else it won’t get done. I come across many entrepreneurs who can’t even imagine how they can grow their business without being consumed by it. Whether your business is just starting out, expanding, or at a point where you need to leverage, at some point you’ll need to consider implementing systems to accomplish various tasks.

Often times, I’m asked how I create systems. Theoretically, it is simple for the most parts. As you well know, your business is the sum total of various tiny parts, including invoicing and payment, products or service delivery, clients’ acquisition process, administrative scheduling, and even the process of retaining or completing with clients.

If you haven’t figured out by now, there is indeed a system that fits each of the little parts that make up your business. For me, as a rule of thumb, all the parts of my business are systemized. To create a system, you simply have to keep track of the steps you need to take in order to accomplish a determined task.

So, why exactly do you need to create systems? For starters, running and being at the forefront of everything that concerns your business will exhaust you! By systemizing, now you can finally focus all your time and attention on activities relating to your business that actually directly generate revenue.

The sum total of all the tiny little things you have to take on yourself zaps your energy and time. This directly means that you cannot acquire new clients or generate more revenue, as you are bogged down by tasks that do not necessarily have to be completed by you.

For instance, you’d be surprised at how much time you waste on schedule. When I started my business, I was tasked with taking calls from clients and scheduling appointments. Ordinarily, it doesn’t really sound time-consuming. However, when you factor in checking messages, the endless phone calls, cancellations, and rescheduling, you’d realize how much of a time drain it can be. A couple of clients is manageable, now imagine having up to a hundred appointments to schedule.

Now, identify where you need to set some systems. Identify what works! Those early days when I was scheduled, I made sure to allocate a specific time slot to each client. Everyone has their own time slot, and I strongly advised each of my clients against trying to reschedule as it might mean losing their spot. That was my system, and every client has a particular time of the day assigned to them.

A system can also be created around what to include in each client’s welcome package (or contract) on schedule, and highlighting how to go about it. Whether it is online or it is being taken care of by someone else, you can always effectively make every part of your business more systematic.

Look at the various aspects of your business and identify the parts working perfectly. Look for ways to automate the parts with technology, and how to keep the system running in a smooth loop without you. When you identify these solutions, you are on your way to seeing up systems in your business that can set your free finally prevent things from not getting done or falling apart.

Create a process – checklists or operations manual. Make a checklist of everything you do, even for packing. This ensures that you don’t miss even the tiniest detail, and you can be sure you have crossed out everything you need. I am the queen of systems in my personal and professional life!

When you have systems in place, you won’t have a need to reinvent the wheel over and over again (you only need to adapt it) With systems in place, your business is automated and it runs on autopilot. Set up systems in every part of your business. Map out every process and procedure, and systemize it! What can you start systematizing in your business right now?

Talk soon,

P.S. Systems will support your business growth to run smoothly that’s what my mentorship members start to work on right after their planning day.

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