How The Power Of 3 Can Help You Get More Clients

When you’re asked what you do, no one wants to hear a long, drawn-out story about your process or listen to what might as well be the audio version of your company brochure.

Prospective clients will ask you what you do to determine whether you can help them or not. And you’re losing potential clients when you don’t communicate what you do in a way that will help them recognize that you are the solution they have been looking for to their problem.

If you start by introducing yourself as your job title, you’ve probably already lost them. Opening with your label will only keep them listening for a short while, and it is often out of courtesy. They don’t want to be rude and cut you off but for instance, they most likely zoned out as soon as you said, “I’m a health coach.”

When you lead with your label, you automatically get pushed back in their mind with the dozens of other people they’ve met that carry that title. And saying “I help people achieve their health goals,” doesn’t offer enough specifics either. Instead try, “I guide women suffering from menopause to maintain a healthy weight, sleep better and get rid of hot flash following an effective step-by-step health & wellness process that I created.”

As with products, people do love hearing about the features, but they love learning about the benefits even more. The power of 3 is all about highlighting the top 3 results your clients get as a result of working with you. Let’s take the Profit Power UP Marketing System I’ve created, I can emphasize that it has 9 steps, that you follow one step at the time to be successful and is unique – blah, blah, blah. However, the tangible benefits are that you’ll attract, convert and retain ideal clients 98% of the time.

Did you just get a picture of you picking up the phone, talking to amazing prospects, who are ready to work with you, who show up on time, who already know-like-trust you, who pull their credit card out and say “When can we get started?” Then rave to their family, friends and colleagues about you?

Now, imagine…you more relaxed, having more fun, more leisure time and kicking back as a result of working 15-20 hrs a week and making over than 6-figures. Would you like that?

Ultimately, people want to know how something affects them rather than what they claim they are. You could hold the fanciest title in the world, but if you don’t solve any of their problems, they will move on to the next person who just might.

So before you introduce yourself to prospective clients, think about the results that you’ve been able to deliver to your current customers. Ask yourself the top 3 results you’ve been able to help them achieve and how this potential client could apply that to their own problems.

And the next time you’re asked what it is you do, you’ll be prepared with a statement that is attractive, captivating yet laser-focused about not just what you do, but what you can do for them.

Talks soon,

P.S. Our clients have been successful using the power of 3 in their marketing message, going from frustrated to confident as a result of being prepared and ready. As you know, confidence leads to more business.

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