3 Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Follow Referral Marketing Strategies That Makes Difference

How To Get More People In The Door, Make Your Revenue Predictable With Clients Who Rave & Refer

Are you frustrated because you are only serving 15-25 patients, clients or customers a week while you could be serving over 100? Have you invested in advertising, done a mix of FB Ads, google ad words, Groupon, etc none of it really brought in anything either?

Did you know, it’s a lot more difficult and you’ll have to dish out a lot more money to acquire a new client than getting referrals from your current, happy raving fans? Practitioners tend to do best with in-person and referral based marketing. Unfortunately, only a few master the game of receiving unlimited referrals.

One of the biggest mistakes practice owners fall for is getting pulled in different directions and investing in marketing strategies their business isn’t ready for. If you are serving less than 15-25 patients, clients and customers a week referral marketing is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Just think about this for a minute, if you are serving 15-25 patients and each person referred one new person to you, that would instantly double your business.

Referrals are like oxygen for your business. It still the best way to get people in the door. People buy from you because they trust you. What better way to get them to trust you than someone they know introducing them?

Here are 3 cost-effective, easy-to-follow strategies to get more people in the door, make your revenue predictable with clients who rave and refer:

Pile Up Testimonials From Raving Fans: The proof is in the pudding, gather as many testimonials as possible from your raving fans. You can create a folder and leave it in the office for new clients to read, add it to your website, share it on social media platforms, share it on your newsletters, add it to flyers, etc.

Don’t worry about the ones who claim that what you do didn’t work for them. You are paid to give recommendations, not for them to take it. The ones who are committed to their success will grab, use your services, get results, rave and refer.

Be A Generous Gift Giver: I’ll never forget this, one time I sent 10 new clients to a business from my networking that charged at least $1,000 per client per month. Would you like to know how they thanked me? They send a card, one tea bag and one square of Ghirardelli chocolate.

My business referral marketing strategy is to send a $100 check to everyone who is kind enough to send me a client. They love opening the mailbox and finding a new red hot check waiting for them. How would you like to compensate your clients? If giving them cash isn’t appropriate in your profession what about a bottle of wine, magazine subscription, a gift card for coffee or dinner, a box o chocolate, etc.

Run Client Appreciation Events: Think about it, people love celebrations, they love parties and inviting other people to attend parties with them. This is a great way for your clients to invite their family, friends, and colleagues to meet you, check what you have to offer and develop a long-term relationship.

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