8 Strategies To Maximize Your Networking Efforts

Here are 8 Strategies To Maximize Your Networking Effort That Will Lead To More Ideal Clients Coming Through The Door Consistently:

Strategy #1: Ditch Negative Nancy
Avoid criticizing, negative comments and complaining. Let’s be honest, there aren’t many people who like to hang out with “Negative Nancy.”

What is the first thing we think when we come across someone who likes to criticize others, finding something wrong or complaining? That’s right, we think it is just a matter of time until the person criticizes, say something negative or complain about us to someone else.

Strategy #2: Find A Way To Appreciate
Do you remember in school when your teacher took the time to recognize and appreciate your hard work? How did that make you feel?

Whenever possible, find a way to appreciate people by giving honest feedback about their choice of words, actions, and behavior. Give evidence, be specific.

Strategy #3: Push The Right Botton
Figure it out what people want. When I meet someone I usually ask them questions such as: What is your name? What do you do? Who are 3 people I can introduce you to that are already in front of your ideal clients? How do you serve your clients?

You’ll stand out from the crowd when you take interest in others. Take the time to figure it out what they want.

Strategy #4: Smile, it looks good on you!
Make sure you SMILE! When you are taking a nice picture also use your beautiful smile when meeting and talking to people while networking.

The formula is simple. A smile means you are approachable. Let me tell you a little secret… people want to be around approachable people!

Strategy #5: Remember Their Name
When I was 19 yrs old I read a book about communication and learned a trick to remember people’s name. It works like a charm.

Whenever you meet someone new, repeat their name 3 times in the conversation. For instance, Hi Sue, nice to meet you. So Sue, tell me about what you do. Wow, that’s a great business Sue.

Strategy #6: Put Your Networking Ears ON
Nothing beats up the art of listening. I am sure you probably have heard that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listening is more important than talking!

How do you feel when someone listens to you? Don’t you feel good?
Encourage others to share their ideas, inspirations, hobbies, favorite memories, happy moments with you. Ask them, “What is new and good?” and watch the magic happen.

Strategy #7: Make It All About Cheerleading
People like people who are alike. The idea here is to build rapport by mirroring and matching the physiology, actions, behaviors, values, and language.

Let’s take mirroring and matching language which in my opinion is the easiest one. If someone or their kids are into some kind of sports such as cheerleading, sprinkle some cheerleading words when you are chatting.

If the person you are talking to speaks another language ask them to teach you two words and next time you see them try to incorporate those words the conversation. People LOVE that!

Strategy #8: Make Them Feel Special
I remember one time when I attended a talk about how to be a power influencer. They gave us a small book with incredible information.

I wanted those booklets so I asked the speaker where I could buy them. She said they ONLY giveaway the booklet as a gift in their presentations. Then she asked me how many I wanted. I said “10.” She went to her bag, grabbed 10 booklets and handed it to me. Do you think that made me feel special? You bet it did!

I know these are common sense strategies. However, common sense isn’t always commonly used.

How do you maximize your networking efforts?

Talk soon,
Simone Mitjans

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