The Reasons Why Not Every Entrepreneur Succeeds


Everyone is designed to succeed beyond the beyond. So why don’t they? Let me tell you about what I call “The Many Face of Self-Imposed Sabotage.”

How do I know this? I’ve faced them myself as well as see clients doing the same thing to themselves in different flavors and colors. The biggest clue that you are self-sabotaging is that there is always something out there or in here that keeps you from being successful. Here are:

“The Many Faces of Self-Imposed Sabotage”

The Face That Doesn’t Want to Rock the Boat

Do you find yourself convincing yourself that things are fine just the way they are? You say you’re ok with what you have now, even if it means having just a few clients.

The Face That Has Too Many Reasons

Are you constantly coming up with excuses based on limiting beliefs? You say things like you’re too busy, you don’t have time, or it’s too far. Do you have a never-ending list of external reasons? Do you hide behind your spouse or partner who won’t allow you?

The Face of Resistance

Do you rush through tasks, skip steps, or ask unnecessary questions? Do you feel as though you’re not deserving of abundance?

The Face That Gets Thrown Off Track

You’ve got so many ideas and inspirations but you find them pulling you in too many directions. Your indecisiveness leads to procrastinating. Your perfection paralysis keeps you from proceeding until you feel everything is perfect.

The Face That Fakes Fear

Do you fear failure just as much as you fear success? Because once you’ve reached success, are you afraid of what people might say despite your achievements. Are you afraid to create your abundance only to lose it?

The Face That Listens To Critical Inner Talk

There’s a loud inner critic that asks you constantly “What is wrong with you?” It tells you that you don’t have what it takes. Do you say to yourself “I might fail…this won’t work…I can’t of it.”

The Face That is Critical of Others

Are you resentful of other people’s wealth and success? Do you compare yourself to those who have already achieved what you’ve always wanted? Do you blame others for your failure?

The Face of Fraud

You lack faith in your abilities and you’re afraid people will find out. You don’t think you’re good enough or know enough to have what it takes. You’re filled with skepticism and no help is good enough.

The Face That Ignores The Signs

Opportunities show up in the form of people, situations, circumstances, programs, workshops, systems, mentors, and coaches. Do you say yes? Or do you say no instead?

The good news is that this isn’t your fault. We were programmed to be safe, protect ourselves and stay secure. Most of us are the first generation of entrepreneurs – the bravest. Because we didn’t have role models, we rely on ourselves, make decisions and take responsibility no matter what.

The reason why these faces are so detrimental to your business is that it makes you feel insecure, confused and overwhelmed when you need to make a decision. As entrepreneurs you are making decisions all the time and if you don’t feel confident you’ll get stuck.

Follow the steps below to scare off these many faces of self-imposed sabotage when you need to make a decision:

Step 1: Know what you want (or you might need to start by writing down what you don’t want first)
Step 2: Watch for signs
Step 3: When an opportunity shows up, do your homework. Check in with your gut feeling and NOT YOUR HEAD. Is this going to take me closer to my success?
Step 4: Make a Decision. Say YES!
Step 5: Take full responsibility for your choices
Step 6: Celebrate your outcome, no matter what ( There is no failure, only feedback)

Are you ready to keep moving forward and feel confident in making decisions?


Talk soon,

P.S. Opportunities show up in the form of people, situations, circumstances, programs, workshops, systems, mentors, and coaches. Make sure to say YES!

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