What Really Makes Entrepreneurs Successful?

Have you ever tried to build a puzzle only to realize that you are missing a few pieces? It is not fun to see your puzzle missing a piece, is it? I want to invite you to consider yourself a piece of the puzzle humanity. I’ll explain it why…

If you are like me, you grew up asking yourself, “Why am I here? what is this all about?”

If you are like me, what drives you is the possibility of doing something that makes the world a better place. We live for doing something good now and leaving the world better than it currently is.

This is what I call “Soul Driven Success.”

I have these interesting skills and talents. One of them is revealed whenever I come across someone; I start to get a pull or push sensation. I am either attracted to that person (want to get to know, connect and learn about them), or I want to run for the hills for no apparent reason.

Let me take you into my world for a second. Let me share with you how I see the world and why this push or pull happens.

Every time I’d come across someone during a business networking event, I’d get a push or pull sensation. Later, I found out that this push & pull I was feeling was energy.

The same happened when I went to their website, social media profiles or held their business cards. It’s like I have an inner energy scanner, where I can feel if people are empowered or disempowered. It’s extraordinarily exciting, and I find myself doing this even when I am stopped at the traffic light in Manhattan watching people walk.

As a result of these experiences, I had this burning question in my mind for a long time:

“What Really Makes People Successful?”

The answer came as a rush of insight during a morning meditation session – what truly makes someone successful is their Unique Success Code.

I laugh, and asked myself, “how in heaven will I be able to help people with that?”

What I came to understand is that just like every piece of the puzzle that is unique in shape and form, it has a purpose and fits exactly in the right place. You too have a unique set of skills, talents, gifts, abilities and life experiences that makeup who you are. And I firmly believe that you are designed to serve your clients with these talents.

I know that this is not so easy for you most of the time and you may have a tendency to take it for granted. However, these talents were given to you for a reason.

I also believe that you are not only designed uniquely, but you were meant to go through life experiences that will help you unlock and develop specific strengths. These experiences vary from being fun and exciting to harsh and not so pretty.

You are the missing puzzle piece that brings everything together. You have skills, talents, gifts and life experiences you are meant to share. Not with just a few; you are meant to make a massive positive contribution just by being who YOU are.

How awesome is that?!

When you don’t get out there and let people know about your gifts, you are hoarding, being selfish, stingy and greedy. Now, get out there and let the world know you are ready to complete the puzzle with your gifts, talents, and skills.

Talk soon,

P.S. Your talents, skills and gifts were given to you for a reason. Will you allow these talents, skills, and gifts to make a massive positive impact inn the world? I hope so, we are counting on YOU!

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